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Yay!! My first blog post! I'm so excited. Okay, so truth be told - I have been debating for quite some time if blogging was something I wanted to do. I mean, sometimes it can be so... personal. And are people really interested in learning about little ole' me? Nonetheless, I decided to go ahead and take the leap this year as I always find it so great to connect on a personal level with people I plan to work with - and thought you may feel the same!

I promise this is not an excuse to talk about myself - especially since some may even say I am private (lol!) but more about being transparent so you can get to know me and connect with me, like I hope to do with you! If you perused the site, you may have already read my bio so I will spare you of those details, but I will add that I am a mommy, a wife, a detail-enthusiast, a perfectionist (for better or for worse! haha!), and a true creative at heart. I have a "9 - 5" in the financial services industry, and have a background in communications and marketing. I am the daughter or a retired Marine and as a result moved quite a bit as a child, which provided me with the awesome opportunity to meet and interact with people from all different backgrounds, cultures, etc. I didn't realize until adulthood just how much those childhood experiences helped to shape my perspective and broaden my horizons - and I am so very grateful for them!

I met my husband in college and we have been together ever since. He truly is my biggest supporter! I also have a toddler who keeps me busy and amazes me each and every day with his ever-growing personality and the new and wonderful things he learns - I love both my guys to pieces! They have absolutely driven me to follow my dreams and my heart, and that is precisely what I have done!

What started for me as a hobby has grown into something bigger and better over the years. I have truly found a niche in event styling and enjoy learning more and more about the rapidly growing event industry - and challenging myself creatively. I am obsessed with sushi, and dark chocolate, and coffee - iced coffee to be specific, and chic things. In my "free" time I love to catch-up on reality shows - they are my guilty pleasure. I am so excited for this new blogging journey and look forward to hearing from you all on how I'm doing! :)

Please feel free to check back for event design tips and tricks, mommy musings, and more!



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