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{About Plush Plum Events}

Plush Plum Events was created with one goal - tell the story... but in the best way possible! Our promise is that we will not erase your style, your personal taste, or your vision, but instead will help you bring that vision to life. Regardless of event type, look to us to make it a true experience for you and everyone who has the pleasure of attending.

Our focus is on event styling. Simply put we focus on the aesthetics that make an event truly unique and capable of leaving a lasting impression. The aesthetics of your event are a top concern, as much as providing you with peace of mind along the way. Whether you are the DIY type and just need a few finishing touches, or you prefer to relinquish full creative control to Plush Plum Events - you are covered! Why get bogged down with all the styling details? That is what Plush Plum is here for! Contact us for a consultation to see how we can help create a truly memorable event. It's your story... let us help you tell it!

{About the owner}

As the Founder, and Principal Event Stylist of Plush Plum Events I can truly say that creativity gives me life! I have always gravitated towards anything that allowed me to express my creative side...painting, drawing, poetry, ceramics, baking, the violin, even crocheting and sewing (seriously!).

I never found the proper "avenue" by which to put my ideas, skills, and DIY talents to use - at least not in a way that was completely rewarding to me - until I started styling events. Whether for friends, family, or co-workers - it was something I found incredibly exciting, something that allowed me to challenge myself creatively, and something I just couldn't get enough of. I am completely in love (ah hem, obsessed!) with details, themes, and the overall cohesion of events, but more so with creating memories and celebrating moments! I honestly feel all events should be an experience! From the time a guest walks into an event, to the time they leave - and I love making that a possibility! 

XOXO, Shanise

Plush Plum Events ~ 2013 ~ It's Your Story...Let Us Help You Tell It!